Join the Aiden Lab!

We're looking for great scientists and postdocs to join the team, especially molecular biologists, computer scientists, and biophysicists. But if you're a really creative scientist of any variety, and are interested in the sorts of things we do, reach out to us!

You will have the opportunity to work on a broad array of projects with an interdisciplinary approach. Applied and theoretical aspects of computer science, mathematics, physics, biology, engineering, and economics are used to make landmark discoveries in our lab.

Internship: ORBITS Program

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The Aiden Lab at the Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University, in association with the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, is seeking highly motivated undergraduates interested in obtaining research experience and ultimately pursuing careers in interdisciplinary research. We believe undergraduate students are a critical part of a research lab and actively encourage growth opportunities for our students.

Our work has been featured on the cover of Nature, Science and Cell and has included seminal advances in a diverse array of fields spanning molecular biology, biophysics, linguistics, computer science, and mathematics. Some current projects include developing high throughput robotic workflows for cutting edge DNA sequencing, de novo genome assembly, and upgrading existing genome assemblies. On our computational side, we are developing software to visualize and analyze genomic contact data and building deep learning and machine learning models to detect 3D chromatin features.

Our lab alumni have gone on to top PhD programs, medical school, and industry (Microsoft, Facebook, etc), and include Putnam Fellows and Rhodes Scholars. However, they are united by a willingness to look beyond traditional boundaries and confidently apply sophisticated quantitative thinking to uncharted scientific territory.

If you’re looking for a quick publication, we may not be the right place. But if you are interested in doing the kind of research people will still be reading about 10 years from now, we look forward to reviewing your candidacy.

Students have generally completed this program for course credit. Courses will vary by institution. For Rice undergraduates, courses include:

  • BIOE 400/401
  • BIOC 310
  • BIOC 401/402/412
  • COMP 290/390/490
  • EBIO 306
  • HONS 470/471
If you have some of the skills below and a passion for science, apply here.

Computational Skills

  • Knowledge and experience in either Java, C/C++, or Python
  • Interest in answering questions through the quantitative analysis of data
  • Highly motivated and able to work in dynamic environment
  • [Bonus] Experience with Amazon AWS and Github